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  • Sicilian Secrets welcomes you!

    Dear friends,
    The experience of travelling in Sicily is something unique; with this firm belief we undertake to promote worldwide this region through the Sicilian Secrets.

    Sicily is the “factory of the myth”: many characters, true stories or legends have contributed to the creation of archetypes, which are still part of Sicilians’ life.
    This is an incredible chest full of treasures which show their peculiarity.
    They are cultural deposits in various areas; from the literary to the architectural and artistic, which marked, in this part of the world, the path of human civilization.

    In the most famous Tomasi di Lampedusa’s novel “The Leopard”, the Prince of Salina, the main character, who lived in a period of transition, few years before the start of the Italian country, stated: “Everything needs to change, so everything can stay the same”.
    This prophetic claim still accompanies us in every choice of our civil and political life and it contains the essence of Sicily.

    This tour offers the opportunity to explore Sicily, immersing in its myths, in order to understand what is behind the synthesis of Tomasi di Lampedusa and the important Sicilian cultural mixes.

    We would like to propose a trip in a multi-faceted land, through all the senses, enjoying all the scents, colour and sounds of the most beautiful Mediterranean island.

    Our guides, in a busy but useful week, will be able to make your tour in Sicily an unforgettable experience; as J. W. Goethe wrote “…Sicily is the key to everything

    Take a look to the itinerary and choose the date.
    We are waiting for you in the Island of Myths.

    Maria Lunetta