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    Sicilian Secrets Daily Tours

    Logo Sicilian Secrets DAILYGoethe and the Grand Tour travellers have already known that a journey in our amazing Peninsula was incomplete without visiting Sicily.

    This is because our region has always been considered a real treasure chest, with inestimable jewels and also little gems, not so popular but with a great value.
    Sicilian Secrets introduces Sicilian Secrets DAILY, daily tours which propose a real full immersion in Sicily thanks to thematic itinerary, giving at the tourist 2.0, who loves brief trips and long weekends, an intense travel experience only for a few hours.

    Are you comfortably staying in your hotel in Sicily and you want to explore the surrounding area, trusting on a skilful staff?
    You can book your Sicilian Secrets Daily and our guide will guide you in the itinerary you have chosen, discovering short routes, tastes or walking tours, which will become wonderful travel memories.

    Are you a fan of urban art, long walks in the city? Do you want to discover the main Sicilian cities?
    Sicilian Secrets Daily URBAN TREKKING is the daily tour for you .

    Have you been won over by Sicilian cooking? Do you want to reproduce our recipes to impress your friends? The chef of Sicilian Secrets Daily COOKING CLASS will guide you, choosing the best Sicilian products that you will use in the most delicious regional dishes.

    Are you a fan of nature but you have never thought to visit a volcano?
    The trained and competent staff of Sicilian Secrets daily ETNA TOUR will bring you to Etna, the highest volcano in Europe.

    Sicilian Secrets Daily offers many other daily tours, in order to give you a truly Sicilian travel experience, only for a few hours.

    Sicilian Secrets Daily